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Water softeners

• Multilingual software.
• Legible display.
• Easy programming.
• Integrated handles for a simple and easy installation.
• Ultra compact footprint allowing installation even in the narrowest locations.
(a width of 28cm and a depth of 44cm)

• Exceptionally low rinse water usage per regeneration.
• Salt level alarm which visually informs you when the salt level needs to be checked.
• Unique technology that takes into account the aging of the ion exchanging resin so you always get the most accurate capacity of your IQsoft water softener.
• A holiday mode that avoids unnecessary consumption of water and regeneration salt during periods of absence, while assuring the resin bed is in optimal condition for service upon return.

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• Programming the device can be done via your smartphone.
• Monitor your water softener and water usage from a distance.
• Receive an alert when your salt needs refilling.



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Erie Water Treatment has its own label to differentiate itself:
• the Earth Safe Technology-label. This label guarantees: The use of ‘green’ technology in all products, based on natural processes that don’t harm the environment.
• That the use of Erie Water Treatment products results in important direct and indirect sustainable environmental benefits, such as better use of available water, energy saving, and reduced usage of harmful chemicals.
• Products designed and manufactured to operate with an unrivalled efficiency. Earth Safe Technology gives businesses and consumers worldwide the opportunity to become ‘greener’; to reduce their ecological footprint. Erie Water Treatment helps everyone to respect our precious water.

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